Your Local Indie Wine Shop 

Located in the Village of Eynsham we are your local indie wine shop. We have been supplying the village and surrounding areas with quality, wine beer and spirits since 2010!

A grand selection for your enjoyment

Eynsham Cellars is Eynsham’s indie off licence which opened in March 2010 and is owned and run by two enthusiastic chaps named Oli and Iain, the safe-keepers of about 400 different wines, 100 bottled ales & craft beers (mainly local brews), not to mention a wonderful selection of continental lagers and a dazzling & expanding spirit selection.

About Oli and Iain

Oli has been working in wine shops for over 10 years, and still thinks it's the best job in the world! In his spare time he loves getting away with his wife Jo (who does a proper job as a Teacher) often combining a holiday with a trip to a wine region.

When Iain’s not in the shop, he's either busy being a Dad, or in a field somewhere with the dog. But chances are he’ll be in the shop because he actually likes working there!

When either of them aren't standing behind the counter there is a good chance they are working on finding more drinks to get excited about. 

By the way our part-time staff Daniel & Sarah are awesome and are more then capable of offering expert advise on any of our products. Make sure you test them with lots of tricky questions when you're next in.