About us

About Us

Eynsham Cellars was founded by Iain and Oli in March 2010 in a shop which was previously a Wine Rack, a Peter Dominic and before that an Arthur Cooper Wine shop.  

We are proud to be completely independent and a part of the local community. 

Our range includes over 500 wines from around the world, selected from various importers as well as many sourced directly, we spend much of our time tasting and trying to find new and exciting wines.

Wine is at the heart of what we do and we take pride in finding value whilst never compromising on quality. We also believe very strongly in honesty when it come to pricing and discounting.

As well as wines we also have strong relationships with some fantastic local Brewers and Distillers, championing quality smaller producers where possible.


2022 saw a new chapter in Eynsham Cellars as after 12 years Iain bowed out of the business, whilst remaining a good friend of all of us.

2022 also saw Dan re-joining the Eynsham Cellars team, this time as the full-time Retail Manager, working alongside Oli and a great small team in the shop. Dan brings a great eye for detail and huge enthusiasm for wine, Eynsham itself and the shop.