Hawkstone Premium Lager 330ml


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Hawkstone Lager

Bottle notes

You'll likely know that the belligerent, car-fanatic presenter Jeremy Clarkson migrated to farming. He loved it and the malting barley he grew. So much so, he was determined to ensure his crop went to make the best locally brewed lager – Hawkstone.

Having put blood, sweat and tears into cultivating his malting barley, Jeremy Clarkson was determined that it be put to good use. So he resolved to look out a good local brewery to turn it into lager. The village pub landlord introduced him to Rick and Emma Keene at Cotswold Brewery. They found they shared views on supporting local agriculture, plus, having done a 4-year degree in the process, Rick was an ace brewer. Jeremy was so impressed by the first batch of Hawkstone lager, he decided to invest in the project. Now, with a cider fanatic on board too – Kaleb Cooper – they have broadened their range to include one of those as well. It takes six weeks to make Hawkstone lager to ensure a smooth body, a malty core and a fresh bitter finish.


Colour: Deep gold

Alcohol: 4.8% VOL

Tasting notes: good weight, malty smoothness, citrusy, then refreshing bitter finish

Aroma: Malty, yet citrusy, hoppy

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