Daddy Rock Tennessee Whiskey 70cl


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Daddy Rack Small Batch Straight Tennessee Whiskey

Bottling Note 

Founder J. Arthur Rackham spent more than five decades working in the booze business before creating his own Tennessee Whiskey, which is named after a moniker his daughter gave him. It's made with a mash bill of corn (80%), rye (10%) and malted barley (10%), the former coming from local farmers within 50 miles of the distillery. Once the milling of the grains has taken place a 72-hour sour mash follows, then double distillation. First in a copper column still, then in a second pot 'doubler' still. 

As this is a Tennessee whiskey, The Lincoln County Process is employed, which entails filtering the spirit through maple charcoal staves. Rackham does things a little differently by employing a light second round of maple charcoal filtration to increase the smoothness. Once matured, Daddy Rack is bottled at 40% ABV with no additional colouring, caramel or flavours.

Tasting Note 

Nose: Vanilla pod earthiness, maple syrup and banana milkshake lead with red apples, fresh-cut grass, Kinder Bueno and toasted oak in support. In the backdrop, there’s melted salted butter, winter spice, cereal sweetness and peanut brittle.

Palate: Notes of candy floss, toffee popcorn, bruised apples and loose leaf tobacco appear initially, with sultanas, manuka honey and vanilla cola in support. Barrel char, green tea, oily espresso beans and sour cherry brings some nice bittersweet depth, with brown sugar, custard and chocolate-covered raisins joining them underneath. There’s a measured prickle of spice throughout from cinnamon and black pepper.

Finish: Spearmint, orange peel and some lingering nutmeg, milk chocolate and caramel elements.


Country: American Whiskey

Distillery / Brand: Daddy Rack

Bottler: Daddy Rack

Style: Tennessee Whiskey

Alcohol: 40% VOL

Volume: 70cl

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