Davna Hani Linden Honey Vodka 50CL


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Davna Hani Linden Honey Vodka

Bottling Note

The newest addition to the Davina Hani Polish vodka family is a sweet young fellow that was built in part by bees. That's right. The Linden honey which makes this flavoured vodka so sweet was made by bees in their natural environment. We always knew we could trust those little guys.


The rest of the vodka was made by people. They're the ones who figured out how to deepen the flavour, giving it undertones of marzipan and bright berries. I suppose we can trust people too. Up to a point, at least.



Country: Polish Vodka

Distillery / Brand: Davna Vodka

Bottler: Davna

Style: Flavoured Vodka

Alcohol: 38% VOL

Volume: 50CL

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