Pocketful of Stones, Dr Squid Gin, 70CL


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    Dr Squid Gin, 70CL

    The distillery

    From behind the bar, to the distillery and back to the bar.

    That, in short, is the Pocketful of Stones story.

    We’d love to share an elaborate, well-structured story with you here about how everything we’ve done led to this point. The truth is that we all worked and lived together in bars in central London. We made loads of friends, had lots of fun, and created all kinds of memories – most of which we can’t talk about on the website.

    Maybe, more importantly, we all learned lots and lots about spirits and fell in love with their rich history. Abandoning the crowds of London for the wilds of Cornwall, we are pouring all that experience into Pocketful of Stones.

    Here, we invite you to join in our journey…

    Flask notes

    Made with real squid ink from a secret recipe created in Penzance Cornwall. This unique addition is served from a copper flask engraved with the scenery, wildlife, folklore, and history that surrounds them.

    Dr Squid pours black and turns pink to create the perfect G&T!

    Tech Specs

    Volume: 70CL    

    Alcohol: 40% VOL

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