Stolichnaya Vanilla Vodka 70CL


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STOLIchnaya VANILLA VODKA 70CL, 40% vol



Its origins are in the great breadbasket plains of Tambov. Here, to this day, Stoli own wheat farms in the land around its first home, the state-of-the-art Talvis distillery.

Built in 2009, Talvis houses some of the world’s most advanced distilling technology, operated by the Stoli dedicated family. They distil Stoli just three times, rejecting volatile “heads” and oily “tails” in a narrow cut that delivers the highest quality Alpha spirit.

From Talvis, Stoli then travel to its second home, the magnificent Latvijas Balzams in Riga that was built by order of the Tsar in 1901. Here Stoli is filtered through Russian birch charcoal to give it the unsurpassed smoothness that is the hallmark of every Stoli drink.

For almost eighty years, Stoli has witnessed some of the great moments of humanity. Its been in mixed cocktails for the finest actors and the greatest Presidents. Stoli also pioneered flavoured vodkas in the 60s and even journeyed into space on board Soyuz 19 in the 1970s.


The exceptional purity and character of Stolichnaya is delivered by blending state-of-the-art distilling with an unshakable commitment to tradition.

Stolichnaya has always pioneered new levels of purity and, in 2001, the company persuaded the Russian authorities to introduce a new Alpha Grade classification for the ultra-high quality of ethanol used to make Stolichnaya. This extraordinary quality was achieved by using only wheat and rye as a base and by taking a narrow cut of the distillate (rejecting up to 4 times more spirit as “heads” and “tails” than some rival vodkas). This allows Stolichnaya to be distilled just three times, which in turn means that the vodka retains the original character of Russian wheat - much of it grown on Stoli’s own farms around the distillery.

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