Jeanneret Shiraz Grenache Malbec


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Jeanneret GSM

Bottle notes 

As we’ve mentioned before, we always find the GSM “so bloody delicious”. And we (bloody) do. But in 2018 we think nature may have given us a GSM that is not just bloody delicious but that is actually bloody, bloody delicious. Just seeing the colour as the wine’s poured into the glass makes you thirsty – it’s so wonderfully deep and vibrant. And once the glass is in your hand there’s a lovely nose of gorgeously ripe and generous black fruits – there’s lots of bramble, some beautiful blackcurrant and just a whisper of warm spice. And a bit of dark chocolate too. The palate has an irresistible tide of zesty black fruit given texture and balance by lovely rounded tannins. It goes on and on, and is just so, er…… bloody delicious 

Winemaking Notes 

Grenache 49%:

Harvest dates: 05/04/2018

Fermentation temperature: 27.5°C

Time on lees: 4 months

Time on skins: 36 days

Shiraz 32%:

Harvest dates: 04/04/2018, 05/04/2018

Fermentation temperature: 27°C

Time on lees: 7 months

Time on skins: 15 days

Malbec 18%:

Harvest dates: 20/04/2018

Fermentation temperature: 25.5°C

Time on lees: 10 months

Time on skins: 12 days

Growing Conditions

Vineyard locations: Stanley Flat, Armagh, Sevenhill

Elevation: 375-510m

Growing season rainfall: 397mm

Pre-harvest diurnal range: 15.4°C

Food Pairing

As versatile as red wine gets, super on its own and even with the tiniest bit of chill (but don’t overdo it), with cheese and crackers, all sorts of Italian food, lamb and curries that aren’t too hot. So bloody delicious and so easy to get on with.

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